Sunday, April 7, 2013

Seasoned pro

3rd child is here and I suppose you are all ecstatic to see a blog post (finally) from such a seasoned pro at motherhood. This little guy's arrival, however, has given me a few doubts about how much I have learned in my past 4 years as a mother. For starters, I landed in labor and delivery twice in "false labor."  What is the point of timing contractions if Doogie Howser (I swear the resident wasn't a day over 16) is going to look you in the eye and tell you it's not real labor?  I suppose he was right since the baby waited an entire week to make his appearance.  Nothing worse than having to take the walk of shame back to the car at a hospital where you worked for 6 years. Fortunately we had left all the luggage in the car so as my husband reassured me - "at least you don't have to walk back carrying a boppy!" With my confidence a little shaky, I was pretty hesitant to go back to L&D but I made it and the baby arrived safe and sound.
On my first outing with our new addition, I walked him to a park a couple miles away.  As we were getting ready to head home, he started screaming and I realized he was soaked - classic "pee around the diaper" move. Unfortunately for him, this experienced mom had neglected to pack a change of clothes. (I should mention it was February and quite chilly outside).
Clearly, my experience is paying off.
Mom of the year ...