Friday, June 15, 2012

Call me maybe

This week has been graduation party week.  I am finishing up fellowship at the end of the month and have had 3 parties in the past 6 days.  The parties plus another night out with my husband's work has made for 4 nights of having a babysitter put the kids to bed.  As much as I have loved having so many "nights off," I'm starting to wonder how it is effecting my kids.  Our 3 year old daughter is used to having songs sung to her at bedtime.  Our favorite picks are usually "Jesus loves me" or "Jesus loves the little children."  I guess she's learned a few new ones as she woke up singing this pop song this morning:
Mom of the year ...

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Carseat switch

For anyone who has read my blog entries, you may have noticed that it is on my "post-call" days (or after working 24 hours straight) that I seem to struggle the most.  A while back, I was post-call and picked the kids up early from school.  We went to play at a park and were going to meet my husband for dinner.  I took the kids to the car and proceeded to start putting my 17 month old son in a carseat.  My 3 year old daughter said something like "hey that's my seat" but I was pretty oblivious and carried on.  When I went to put her in the other seat, something looked funny.  "Mommy I'm facing the wrong way" she said and it was then that I finally noticed I had put my son in her seat (facing forward) and was attempting to put my 3 year old in the rear facing seat.  My son seemed pleased with the change of scenery.  Good thing my daughter spoke up!
Mom of the year ...

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Scheduling snafu

Sometimes being a mom feels more like being a personal assistant than a nurturer.  I am always worried that I will have something wrong with our day-to-day schedule and end up leaving the kids at daycare or forgetting to feed them a meal.  This week, I left for a 24 hour call shift on Monday.  I came home Tuesday morning while my husband was on his way to the airport for a trip.  He returns home late tonight and I leave for another 24 hour shift tomorrow morning.  With all the coming and going, it's a wonder we've kept it together this week.
Last night, my mother-in-law and I took the kids to Cafe Carolina.  As soon as we walked in, my daughter spotted her buddy, Sergio, who works there.  He played hide and seek with her for a few minutes then came over to say hi to my son.  "Are you going to smile for me tonight?" he asked "He only smiled at me once last night."  I looked at him confused.  "Your family was here last night for dinner," he responded laughing.  And I thought I had this scheduling thing figured out.  Oh well, at least the kids seemed to enjoy their dinner... again.
Mom of the year ...