Sunday, June 10, 2012

Carseat switch

For anyone who has read my blog entries, you may have noticed that it is on my "post-call" days (or after working 24 hours straight) that I seem to struggle the most.  A while back, I was post-call and picked the kids up early from school.  We went to play at a park and were going to meet my husband for dinner.  I took the kids to the car and proceeded to start putting my 17 month old son in a carseat.  My 3 year old daughter said something like "hey that's my seat" but I was pretty oblivious and carried on.  When I went to put her in the other seat, something looked funny.  "Mommy I'm facing the wrong way" she said and it was then that I finally noticed I had put my son in her seat (facing forward) and was attempting to put my 3 year old in the rear facing seat.  My son seemed pleased with the change of scenery.  Good thing my daughter spoke up!
Mom of the year ...

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