Friday, September 27, 2013

Party Pooper ... pun intended

Having successfully potty-trained our daughter shortly after her 2nd birthday (with little to no effort), I wasn't overly concerned about potty-training our son.  I quickly realized that our daughter potty-trained herself and I can take no credit for the accomplishment.  Our 2 year old son has decided that while he has been willing to pee in the potty for the past 2 months, he prefers to poop in his underwear daily.  One day after a particularly tiring night in the hospital, I saw it in his eyes ... he was about to poop.  I scooped him up, ran to the potty, and put him on it.  Next thing I knew, he had pooped in the potty.  Poop. in. the. potty.  I'm fairly certain the clouds parted and gospel choirs were singing in the background.  I wiped a tear from my eye as I wiped his little bottom.  Then, I caught a whiff and as I helped him off the potty, I reached up and flushed it.  I flushed the potty. I flushed the potty.  I am sure my son is not the only one who potties for the shear delight of flushing the toilet.  So just like that, I ruined the most glorious moment of my life and his (well, at least the last 2 months of it).  Forty-five minutes later, he finally got over it.
Mom of the year ...