Thursday, September 8, 2011

Tarheel born

My poor children have no choice at this point in their young lives about which triangle area team they will support.  In fact, the brainwashing began quite early for both of our children.
Our first child was born right before March Madness began.  We jokingly called her "Roy" in the womb and told everyone we would name her either "Roy William" or "Roy Willa" (we didn't know her gender at the time).  She was about 6 weeks old when we won the 2009 National Championship and we were in the thick of it!  We watched the game in Carrboro and immediately after the game, I decided I was not going to miss this opportunity to "rush" Franklin Street.  I threw her in the Bjorn, grabbed my husband (who begrudgingly agreed to come), and we shuffled quickly down Franklin St in the freezing night air.  When we reached the "barricade" - a group of police officers standing by trashcans - the police man looked at me with the baby Bjorn and holding a flyer that someone handed me.  He said "you can't bring that in here."  My first thought ... I have to leave my baby with the police man?!  He meant the flyer.
Mom of the year...

With my second child, he was again born during basketball season.  We had just come home from a game when I went into labor and the next game was 6 days later.  We were playing Kentucky so what did we decide to do with our 6 day old?  Well, he came to the game of course.  I've never had such glares from grandmother-type women when they asked me how old he was.  "How could you bring your 6 day old to a crowded game like this?"  My response "Are you kidding me? It's Kentucky!"  The game was totally worth it and he didn't miss another home game the rest of the season.
Mom of the year ...

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