Friday, September 16, 2011

Cold front

When I'm working in the PICU, I leave for work well before anyone in my house wakes up.  That leaves my husband in charge of getting both kids ready for "school" (aka daycare) on his own.  To help out, I always leave clothes out for them to wear that day (he has a hard time figuring out what goes together).  Today, I left out what I had been leaving out for the past few months - short sleeves and shorts.  My husband sent me an email this morning ...
"This morning I put on long sleeves because it was cold. Showed up to school and knew I was in trouble.  Every kid had on pants and jacket except mine that were in shorts and short sleeves." 
A few hours later I received a text from my own mother ...
"I hope u dressed the kids warmly today. It is cold!!!!" 
Mom of the year ...


  1. just cause it doesn't "match" doesn't mean it can't be worn!

    -Proud father of 2 crazily dressed kids

  2. That's it. You're hilarious! And a doctor...and a runner...while the rest of the world sits around eating bon-bons.