Sunday, May 17, 2015

Popping a squat part 2

Apparently popping a squat never ends well for me and my clan.  We recently decided to put our 2 year old boy in underwear and undertake the challenge of potty training on a whim.  Yes, on a whim ... some people just aren't planners.  Anyways, he had been doing well for a week and had even learned to pee outside (out of necessity of course).  We were at a neighborhood picnic when he said he had to go potty.  Since the actual potty was a 5 minute walk away, I scooted quickly over to a clearing and pulled down his pants for him to potty. A couple seconds later, I heard a little toot and poop came squirting out the backside, just barely missing my own leg, but definitely not missing any part of him.  Apparently, we hadn't clarified which kind of "potty" he meant.  I yelled for help and watched as my husband about fell over laughing.  I was less amused, as I'm sure were the neighbors watching the whole thing go down over dinner.
Mom of the year ...