Sunday, June 9, 2013

Stop yelling at me!

We were leaving the pool the other day and both the kids and I were at the limits of our patience.  As I put my 2 year old into the car, he started screaming for a snack that I didn't have.  I tried reassuring him that we would be home in 5 minutes if he would just get in the car, but he continued screaming and fighting me.  My 4 year old daughter can get herself into her seat (and usually buckle it) so once I had wrestled the little guy into his seat,  I proceeded to get in the car and start it.  When my daughter started yelling too, it pushed me over the edge and I yelled "stop yelling at me!"  I always feel a little guilty when I yell at my kids. On this particular day,  I blame the sun draining me of all energy (I come up with a myriad of excuses depending on the moment).  Anyways, I turned around as I was reversing the car and my daughter had her lips pursed, pointing to her unbuckled carseat with wide eyes.  She had stopped yelling as instructed, poor thing.
Mom of the year ...