Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Locked in or out?

So as expected, playing zone defense has been occupying most of my time these days, leaving little time to blog about my many award-winning performances at motherhood.  I am, however, accumulating lots of material between my sleep deprivation and thinning patience.  After a particularly  long day recently, my 4 year old daughter decided to lead a rebellion against me.  As of late, she has been my easiest child but that night, nothing was easy.  I finally asked her to stay in her room to scream her head off instead of having to listen to her cry for no good reason.  I shut the door but she kept opening it and coming out.  So I did what my instincts told me ... I locked the door and shut it.  It was at that moment that I realized I had not locked her in but had instead locked myself out.  Oops!  Fortunately, it unlocked as soon as she turned the knob again to escape her room.
Mom of the year ...


  1. Oh Ivy... I laughed OUT LOUD... So many years ago I DID the very same thing... BUT... in those days... I had to get that little key thing that usually lived above the doors! OMG!!

  2. Our knob is flipped around on the kid's door for that very reason! I did get locked in there with her one time....that was bad.

  3. Maybe next time, you can lock yourself in her room (preferably with a bag of leftover Easter candy or a glass of wine) and let her cry somewhere else in the house. You give up a little space, but effectively don't have to sitin the same room as the cryer.