Saturday, January 17, 2015

Adventures with Miralax and gastro

After everyone in our house was hit with the stomach bug (aka gastro) right after New Years, I was quick to celebrate when I thought we were out of the woods.  About a week later, our 5 year old daughter began complaining of belly pain.  Usually when she complains of belly pain, I fire up the Miralax because I am a firm believer that constipation in kids is the root of all evil.  I also realized that no one could confirm whether or not she had pooped since her bout with gastro so I doubled the dose and added a few other agents to assist.  She continued complaining of belly pain but still no poo so I started to wonder why my concoction wasn't working.  Perhaps, I had the wrong diagnosis?  I laid off on the constipation meds and stuck with good ol' Tylenol and Motrin for pain. She continued to complain of belly pain and woke up the next night crying, poor thing.  About an hour later, we heard her yell "I threw up and it's in my hair."  We trudged up the stairs to get everything cleaned up, dosed her with some zofran and went back to bed.  Less than an hour later, "Mom, I pooped and it's in my underwear."  Turns out it wasn't just the undies but the jammies, the floor, and the wall too.  I guess Miralax isn't the treatment of choice for gastro.
Mom of the year ...

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