Saturday, November 5, 2011

A marathon weekend

Apparently doing a marathon as a mom has its own unique set of considerations ... that maybe I should have considered before my race today. Here is a list of lessons learned:
#1 Putting your feet up before the race is not an option, regardless of how many babysitters you bring with you. In fact, you will likely be on your feet supporting your own weight in addition to the weight of your children.  You might also prepare yourself for less than optimal pre-race sleep, especially if you're sharing a room with the baby.
#2 Preparing for the race is mostly focused on how many snacks you need to pack for the kids and what clothes they will wear instead of how many gus to take or which socks to wear.  It helps if you remember both children and pack some milk for the baby.
#3 If you are nursing, you should take into account that the 10 oz you pump pre-race are calories spent before you even start the race, which may explain the hypoglycemic wall you're bound to hit around mile 15-16.  If you've run out of food at that point, maybe you should plan better next time and hire a pack-mule to carry your nutrition.
#4 Seeing your kids along the way is way more exciting for you than for your kids who look fairly miserable all bundled up in the stroller.  If you're lucky, your husband will drag your child against her will kicking and screaming to where you can see her around mile 25 ... how motivated you will feel to finish the race then!
#5 Post race, expect that your babysitters are exhausted from babysitting your hungry, tired kids during the race and forget about relaxing, feeding yourself, or showering until the kids have been fed and are napping.  (This is especially true if one of your babysitters is more interested in the NC State-UNC football game than watching the kids).

Most important lesson: Bonking at mile 16 and going 10 minutes slower than predicted matters a lot more to you when you don't have an adorable family waiting patiently at the finish line for you with big grins on their faces!
Mom of the year ...

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