Friday, November 25, 2011

I hate big girl beds

As parents, we are supposed to be excited for the transitions our little ones go through.  Transitions are hard though, mostly on us.  My daughter has been begging for a big girl bed since she saw her little friend's big boy bed several months ago.  We put it off as long as we could ... not because she wasn't ready but because we weren't ready.  And I don't mean in that sentimental "my baby is growing up" way ... I mean in the "mommy and daddy really like to sleep" way.
For whatever reason, over the Thanksgiving holiday, my husband and I decided to make the switch.  Our recent purchase of double video camera monitors for the kids' rooms turned out to be more valuable for her than her baby brother since we could now watch her wander around her room.  Initially, she would readily return to bed when I radioed her (through the monitor... bonus feature!).  However, on day 2, she refused to get back in bed at nap time.  I was busy trying to get things ready for my son's birthday party the next day and didn't have time to deal with her (and my husband was out running errands).  Unsure of what to say or do, in a moment of weakness I threatened to bring the crib back.  Since she had been so excited about the big girl bed, I thought for sure that she would zip back into bed quietly.  "NO" she screamed and then, "I want my crib back," and the cries began.  What had I done?  An empty threat did not seem to accomplish my goal.  Nap time ended with my husband sleeping on the floor beside her while she wandered around the room.  At least I was able to get some things done.
Mom of the year ...

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