Sunday, December 11, 2011

Deck the halls

Christmas decorations seem to be quite hazardous to children.  More importantly, my children seem to be quite hazardous to Christmas decorations.  For this reason, and secondary to our laziness, we have elected to go with the naked tree approach this year ... lights but no ornaments.  Our tree is also tucked between two large pieces of furniture for its own protection.  However, we have been to visit friends who have carried on about their normal holiday business, displaying ornate trees placed in easily accessible, vulnerable locations.  During a recent visit to our close friends' house, my husband quickly took note of the exposed Christmas tree.  He was running a solid "pick and roll" defense, distracting our 1 year old away from the tree, until we decided to switch kids. (We tend to run a man-to-man defense but try to switch assignments periodically to keep the offense guessing).  After the switch, I must have lost focus because within a few seconds, my son had grabbed the tree and fallen down with a big crash.  Luckily, the tree stayed upright and only one ornament was sacrificed.
Mom of the year ...

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