Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I love my mom

I love my mom. One of the many things I love about my mom is the fact that she knows more about college sports than most college males.  Her passion for the Wolfpack is evident to anyone who knows her.  Once when we were young, my sister and I were roller skating in our garage.  Since it was circa 1985, it was before the time of helmets, wrist guards, or knee pads.  My sister fell down and hurt her arm.  Unfortunately for her, it was during the middle of an NC State football game.  My mom gave her some Tylenol, some ice, and told her she had to wait until the end of the game.  By the time the game ended, the swelling was impressive and she was still crying so off we went to the ER.  Xray confirmed she had broken it. 
What is that old saying?  The apple doesn't fall far from the tree?
Mom of the year ...


  1. My older bro and his friend Ford tripped me and broke my arm playing "indoor" soccer in the playroom...they locked me in there until I stopped crying so they wouldn't get in of the year : )

  2. When my mom was a nurse in the ER I hurt my foot. I walked on it for over a week before she took me in to get xrays. My second grade teacher Actually had me go home and tell my mom to take me because she was worried. Needless to say when the xray came back, it was broken. I guess it can happen to the best of us!