Monday, March 26, 2012

Target practice

My potty-trained daughter has had several accidents in the past few days so I started wondering if something was going on and decided to take her to the doctor. I've only been to the pediatrician twice with my kids outside of well visits so I was feeling pretty proud of myself for taking the time to go. It wasn't until we arrived at the doctor's office that I realized the challenge that lay ahead.
I took on the challenge and all 3 of us crammed into the little bathroom. I showed my daughter the target ... A small cup with a Carolina blue cap. She liked it but still wasn't sold on the idea.
"I need you to pee in this."
"Mommy, that's silly. I can't sit on that!"
After getting her situated on the potty with the cup in my hand and my 15 month old son crying on the floor, I realized too late that I should have gotten a glove. I'm happy to say that I managed to catch some of the urine in the cup.
After she finished, I told her I needed to go and she asked me if I needed a cup. I graciously declined.
Mom of the year ...

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