Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Happy Mothers' Day

I feel negligent in my role as "Mom of the Year" letting Mother's Day go by without a blog post.  I'm sure I'm the only "mommy blogger" that would allow a slip-up of that magnitude.  Of course, I did work the 24 hours prior to Mothers' Day so I will use that as my excuse.  As for the holiday itself, I had a beautiful day, despite being exhausted from work.  How could I not enjoy the day with these cuties?
I hope everyone enjoyed Mothers' Day.  If yours was similar to mine, it revolved around spending time with the family, more specifically the children.  As much as I love my children, part of me wanted to slip away and sleep the whole day (oh wait, I did sleep half the day).  It puzzles me why Fathers' Day is depicted in all the Hallmark cards as a day off for dads ... playing golf, fishing, lying in a hammock.  Mothers' Day on the other hand seems more focused on spending time together with the children.  Am I the only one who would have enjoyed a day off?  Now I sound ungrateful.  I am very thankful for my 2 healthy children and my own wonderful mother and mother-in-law.  I just think moms could use a day off too.  Who's with me in 2013?
Mom of the year ...

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