Saturday, May 5, 2012

Officially Satan

As the mother of a 3 year old, I am officially self-proclaimed Satan.  When people tell you that 3 is harder than 2, it's hard to believe (at least when you're the mother of the most stubborn 2 year old you know).  Well, it's true.  3 is definitely harder than 2.  It's hard to pinpoint exactly why that is until you're in Lowe's and your previously content and acqueisent 3 year old is suddenly on the floor screaming bloody murder.  It's at these moments that I find I have no coping mechanisms, especially when these moments occur post call.  After spending more than 5 minutes trying to stuff our hyperventilating, fighting 3 year old into the carseat, I was spent.  We started to pull out of the parking lot when I realized she had managed to wriggle both arms out of the carseat straps.  Seriously!?!  We pulled over so I could wrestle her back in at which point I tightened the arm straps as much as possible.  "I'm too tight, I'm too tight" ... more screaming bloody murder and crying.  Well, I finally decided I couldn't take any more.  I opened my window and held her lovey (Lamby) out the window.  "I'll throw him out," I threatened!  "No Mommy, don't drop him!" The tears disappeared and her expression was pure terror!  My husband cracked a smile ... I guess it was pretty hysterical.  I wonder what people in cars behind us must have thought with my arm out the window, "Lamby" hanging on by a thread.  Oh well, it worked.  She stopped crying and within 10 minutes, was back to her pre-tantrum, sweet demeanor.  Is my child bipolar ... or is she just 3?
Mom of the year ...

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