Thursday, May 31, 2012


I find the age of 3 years to be quite a challenge, but the one upside is that my 3 year old daughter responds rather well to bribes.  For example, hurry up and get dressed and you can watch a TV show ... or if you leave the park now without throwing a fit, I'll give you a cookie when we get home.  Many bribes revolve around convincing her to go potty when we have the chance.  With all the bribery going around, we have had to become more and more creative.
A few weeks ago, we were finishing up lunch and had to run to Lowe's before going home for nap time.  I wanted her to potty before we left the restaurant but, as usual, she was taking her sweet time.  I decided to make Lowe's more enticing ... "Don't you want to go pick out pink paint for your new room? You have to go potty if you want pink paint" (We are moving in the next few months and have talked a lot about our new house).  An older woman overheard our conversation and chuckled.  I guess the bribe sounded pretty ridiculous.  I'd like to say it worked but we were still standing outside the bathroom talking about pink paint 5 minutes later.
Mom of the year ...

PS- I'm not even sure I'm going to let her paint her room pink!

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