Sunday, February 12, 2012

Hypocrisy of parenting

My friends who know me well know how much I love sweets, especially chocolate.  These same friends also know how rarely I allow my children to eat sweets.  I refrained from giving either kid any kind of sweets until their first birthday, and then only on that day.  (I blame my career and the growing trend of obese children.)  I've only very recently started giving my 3 year old sweet treats, usually on some sort of special occasion.  To her, yogurt and apple sauce are desserts.  Of course, while I deprive my children of chocolate, cookies, cakes, etc, I tend to stuff my own face behind their backs.
This week, we celebrated our friend's one year birthday by going to get frozen yogurt.  It was one of those self-serve places, and I was so proud of myself for letting my daughter have a cup (my 15 month old son of course got none).  After filling my own cup, I sat down and took a look at our cups side by side.  I felt a little less proud.
Oh well, I still enjoyed my yogurt and my daughter did too!
Mom of the year ...

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