Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Birthday Gift Shift

I just dropped off a trunk loaded with birthday presents to the NC Children's hospital.  These gifts were donated by the generous friends and family who came to my daughter's 3rd birthday party, in lieu of a gift for the birthday girl.  We have made this a tradition in our house since her 1st birthday.  At first, my friends told me I was crazy - that once our kids were old enough, they would pitch a fit about donating all those gifts.  I was especially worried this year since our daughter was turning 3, old enough to understand what gifts are (and to want them!).  I tried to prep her ahead of time by telling her that people were bringing gifts for the "sick children" to her party.  Still, I had my doubts about how it would all go down.
At the end of the party, my daughter looked at the pile of gifts, then looked up at me and asked "are we taking the presents to the sick children now?"  I almost cried ... maybe I really am Mom of the Year!  Well, I guess it's more like "mom of the moment" ... I'm pretty sure I almost strangled her later that day.

If anyone else would like to start this tradition, aka "The Birthday Gift Shift," please let me know and I will facilitate delivery of the donations. Not only will you feel good about donating gifts, but you will also feel good about not having to find space in your home for all that stuff!
Mom of the year ...

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