Thursday, February 9, 2012

Who are you?

We are fortunate to live in a college town with access to babysitters galore.  Last night, we went to a late basketball game and our usual babysitters weren't available.  We decided to ask a new babysitter, someone we know well but who our kids have never really met.  Since the game wasn't until 9, we put the kids to bed and the babysitter came over after bedtime.  We gave some basic instructions on what to do if our daughter called for someone but didn't think it would be an issue since it was an hour after her bedtime.  About 20 minutes after we left, our daughter called out for Daddy.  Our babysitter went upstairs to check on her and the ensuing conversation must have been interesting ...
"Hi, your mommy and daddy aren't here. I'm Georgia.  We haven't met.  Should I turn the light on so you can see my face?"
"Where's my mommy and daddy? Who are you?"
"They went to see the Tarheels play basketball. I'm friends with Jill. I like your pajamas"
"Oh, basketball. I like basketball. Go heels.  I like Jill too. My pajamas have polkadots. I love polkadots. Want to read a book? Let's talk. Do you go to school? Whatcha doin'?" ... and so on and so on.
I guess our daughter warms up to strangers entering her room in the middle of the night pretty easily.
Mom of the year ...

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