Thursday, February 16, 2012

Sour milk

Whenever I pick the children up from school, my daughter asks for water and whines the whole way home if I don't have any.  For this reason, I have tried to keep a cup of water in the car at all times.  The other day, I picked the kids up and per usual, my daughter asked for water.  The purple cup that I had been keeping in the car was sitting in the cup holder.  I knew it had been a week since we had been out of town for the weekend, but I figured giving her the water was better than listening to her whine about it.  I handed her the cup and she took a swig.  She immediately made a face and said "That's not water, that's milk and it tastes funny."
I had forgotten that my husband had driven my car the day before we left town (5 days before the incident) and must have left the purple cup in it with milk, not water.  I almost gagged at the thought.
Mom of the year ...

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