Monday, February 6, 2012

No pants, no problem

On our visit to Charleston last weekend, we took advantage of the conveniently close beaches and unseasonably warm weather.  Since it was barely February, I had not packed your typical "beachwear" for our trip.  When we decided to go to the beach Saturday, I carefully picked clothes that I thought would be weather appropriate and easy for playing on the beach.  I guess I forgot one major detail in packing our bag ... extra clothes.  After less than 10 minutes, it was obvious that my kids were going to be both sandy and wet.  It seemed that the 50 degree water did not phase either my 1 or 3 year old.  Both kids thought running in and out of it (only to fall into the sand immediately following the sprints) was too much fun to resist.  Since we stayed until lunch time, there was no time to make it home for a change of clothes before eating.  My 1 year old's pants were soaked and sandy so I decided to take them off and took him into the restaurant in only his onesie.  My daughter was wearing her leggings that she normally wears under a skirt or dress but took off prior to running in the water.  Unfortunately her skirt was too wet to wear over them, and she looked a bit like a 1980's Jane Fonda replica.  Once we entered the restaurant, my son took off running around barefooted in his onesie, and I looked over to find my daughter pulling her pants down screaming "my botty is sandy."  Our friends had their child dressed in the fresh clothes they packed for the day, sitting quietly in a highchair.
Mom of the year ...

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