Sunday, October 23, 2011

Getting my attention

I will admit it ... I am easily distracted.  I've always told my mom that if I were growing up now, someone would have labeled me as ADHD.  When I'm spending time with my kids, I try to stay engaged, but quite honestly, my mind has a tendency to wander.
The other night before bedtime, my husband was reading books while I lay on the floor zoning out.  I heard my daughter talking but apparently I wasn't "listening."  All of a sudden, my daughter grabbed my face between her hands, turned it to look her in the eyes, and said "Mommy, look at me, listen to me ... I - NEED - SOME - WATER!  Ok?  I need some water."  She can be a bit demanding but I guess she had already asked "nicely" a few times.
Mom of the year ...

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