Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I hate swings

I love going to the park with my children but I have decided that I hate the swings.  When I had one child, I thought swings were so cute and I loved pushing my daughter and watching her big smile.  Now, the swings only bring me strife.  Whenever we get to the park, all my daughter wants to do at first is swing.  This can be especially awkward when we are meeting friends at the park and we get stuck in the middle of a meltdown by the swings before we've even said hello. I have come up with a list of reasons why all swings should be dismantled and removed from parks.
1. There aren't enough swings for every child at the park and learning to wait your turn is still a lesson in progress for us.
2. I don't enjoy the judgemental looks of passers-by as my 2 1/2 year old screams bloody murder until someone finally pities me and removes their child from the occupied swing.
3. Once I put my daughter in the swing, my 10 month old son usually decides he really doesn't want to be held and screams until I put him down to crawl around.
4. Having a 10 month old crawling around the swings must not be a good idea ... I seem to get the same looks as above (see #2).
5. Even if my 10 month old manages to escape getting nailed by a child swinging, I'm always worried that some kid will run out in front of my own swinging child.  Then, I'd have to figure out how to apologize while still pushing my daughter, who would most certainly not want to stop swinging at that point, and watching my son, who would still be crawling in front of swinging missiles.
Mom of the year ...

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