Tuesday, October 25, 2011


In the hospital, I have been trained as a "coach" of a teamwork program emphasizing the importance of communication.  One of the central tenets is "closed-loop" communication or "repeat-backs" of doses to avoid errors.  When you ask for a medication during an emergency situation, the person giving the medicine is supposed to verbally confirm that they heard the order and are giving the stated dose.  Perhaps I should employ these strategies within my household.
Yesterday, I had 2 messages on my phone from the daycare and one from my mother.  Apparently our almost 1 year old son wasn't feeling well.  He had eaten his breakfast as usual but then 4 watery poops and 3 outfits later, the daycare was concerned.  My husband picked him up at the usual time and when I got home, we both noted how well he looked.  It seemed odd that he hadn't had any more poops since the morning.  Last week, I had consulted my nutritionist friend in the PICU about our son's poor growth and she recommended a teaspoon of butter in his rice cereal each morning to help him gain weight.  I started it over the weekend and instructed my husband to do the same.  Yesterday was the first day back to school and the first day my husband was in charge of adding the butter to the rice cereal.  I suppose I should have asked for a "repeat-back" since my husband proceeded to add a full tablespoon of butter and gave our son a good colon-cleansing.
Mom of the year ...

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  1. your house is going to sound like a US Navy destroyer: "All ahead full" "All ahead full aye Captain"; "Spoonful of peas" "Spoonful of peas aye Mommy"...