Sunday, October 2, 2011

Jogging stroller check-list

Since one of my few comments on this blog was a question about which jogging stroller to purchase, I thought I should address it publicly.  I'm quite flattered that at least one of you sees me as someone to come to for advice on mothering, since I am self-proclaimed "mom of the year."
As for what to look for in a jogging stroller, here is my lits of "must-haves" -
- Safe restraint system for days when your child does not want to be in the stroller and must be strapped in against his or her will
- Complete enclosure of the stroller for days when your child may think that launching toys and books out of the stroller is a fun game during your run
- A rain cover so you can go in any weather, despite the judging looks you may receive from other less active moms
- Big wheels so you can run fast and make it home quickly on days when your child does not enjoy being constrained and enclosed in the pouring rain
Hope that helps and please keep the questions coming!
Mom of the year ...

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